Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Feel

To feel her stomach retch at the insistent plunging of his cock into the depth of her wanting throat; to feel the warm acid of her guts pour out of her mouth and onto her naked chest; to feel his hand rubbing her hot vomit all over her face before jamming his glistening dick back into her; to feel the grip of his hand on her lower jaw as he shot bullets of jism into her gagging mouth; to feel the crystal liquid of her desire tracing the inside of her thighs; to hear him howl like every animal in the world; to lick him clean as his contractions subsided; to growl with lustful abandonment; to live as one should.


  1. This probably shouldn't be a turn on, but, Oh Well! Variety certainly can be spicy.

  2. Passion & lust don't have societal and cultural boundaries. I don't think "shouldn't" applies unless one of the partners isn't comfortable with it.

    I like the boldness of this. To feel is to live and to live is to be free.