Monday, June 15, 2009


Lie upon the bone earth. Feel it moving about the center of its soul, whirling about the life source, about the center of its galaxy, rushing through the universe. Feel it breathe and crack and flow. Feel the light reflecting off your naked membrane, seeping into you like love. Feel the lungs of the planet exhaling across you, inhaling your essence. You are a part of this just as surely as every heart that beats and every leaf that locks within itself the energy of existence.


  1. Oh how I want to run free on the playa and lie upon the "bone earth." Beautiful imagery -- love the way you draw everything together and the natural and physical and metaphysical worlds become one.

  2. So poetic! And I love that photo!

    So excited that you're doing rosemary! (Bet she's excited, too!)

  3. Rosemary won't leave me alone!!!