Friday, August 28, 2009


He woke up next to her feet. Her small toes rested against his cheek. He could smell the alkaline dust on her ankles and the down-soft scent of his dried saliva. Instinctively, uncontrollably, his lips made their way to the smallest toe. About as big as a lima bean, it popped into his mouth. He suckled, his tongue swirling around it, dipping into the tender web of flesh between it and the next toe. Two toes entered his mouth, just as her body stirred. His hand moved along the inside of her leg, slowly. She moaned and spread her legs automatically, as if he had just touched some secret button to some secret chamber. His tongue ran along the bottoms of her toes. He took each one into his mouth, sucking each pad and joint into wet warmth. Her fingers explored the deep and puffy folds of her pussy as she lay there in the tent, listening to the sounds of the camp in its awakening. A cool current flowed through the opening of the tent and across her tingling nipples. Lazily, teasingly, she masturbated, watching his cock grow and twitch in the diffuse morning light. He continued his sucking and licking and slurping, sending electric jolts of pleasure deep into her gently thrusting crotch. The smell of fresh camp coffee and sizzling bacon wafted through the tent as she arched her back and came on her glistening fingers. He rose up on one elbow, took her hand and licked it clean. Smiling, he whispered, “Good morning.”


  1. Oh, BAK, I love this one! It's perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Buenas Dias indeed, cowboy! Beauteous!

    Gina Marie

  3. even though i m not a feet-person i still love the "voice" of this piece...very very delightfull..:-)

  4. Thanks, so much, Marina, GM and Danielle! I was out creating memories, last week, so I couldn't get back to you all, earlier. I love her feet!!