Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Bite

Her breathing slowed, her legs relaxed, her eyelids slowly opened and she stared at the ceiling while the rigid extension of his passion slid in, then out of her, in strong rhythm.
When she regained her composure and the authority that she wanted, she pulled away from him, leaving his glistening tool waving and thrusting into the air. She rolled off of the table and stood beside him. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it, tightly. “Get on the table,” she ordered. “I’m gonna make you squirt big time.”

He sat on the edge of the table; she took her place in his chair. “Don’t eat that last scallop until I tell you,” she said, as she licked the head of his cum-soaked tool. He leaned back and watched. She looked into his eyes as she played her tongue around the ridged helmet and stabbed into his tiny hole. She circled his ball sac with her small fingers and pulled his balls down until he almost felt pain, then gulped the length of him into her throat. He threw his head back and groaned. The muscles in his stomach and inner thighs tightened. He felt the tension of building liquid in the labyrinthine tubules that carried his offering into the base of his cannon.

She popped his straining cock and held it in her hand. Pumping it, slowly, she licked the middle finger of her other hand and placed it, firmly, against the opening of his tight rectum. She smiled up into his face and slid inside of him. Feeling the small bulge against the soft, smooth, skin of this interior of him, she rubbed it in small circles, coaxing it, making it bigger. He was filling; she could feel it. Keeping up the maddeningly lazy stroke of her hands, she took the tip of him, again, into her lips and sucked. She squirmed in the chair as she tasted the beginning of his slow seeping juice. It tasted soft and sweet and a little musky. It coated her tongue and lips. She lapped at it like a kitten before a bowl of warm milk.

Suddenly, she pulled back and gazed at the rise and fall of her lover’s strong chest. She took that bone hard pecker in her hand and started a strong, tight-fisted, pistoning. Still massaging his inner gland, she watched and listened as he approached the delicious end of her torture. His eyes started to roll, and his neck muscles strained, as he felt the burning cum rise inside of him in a fierce stream.

Licking the end of his engorged head, she commanded, “Eat and watch!” He put the last scallop in his mouth and started to chew, while bellowing, as streams of white jizz blasted across her face and into her hair and down across her breasts. She was laughing and licking and drinking and rubbing him all over her cheeks and chin as he took his last, choking, swallow, then fell back onto the table.


  1. Wait, come back! I'm not finished with you yet.

    What a fun and heart-throbbingly sexy series, BAK.

    Can't wait to go shopping for that fun meat for tomorrow. Wahoooo!

    (spamword: serplide. Love plying your serpent)

  2. hell, forget the burritos we were gonna have for dinner...

  3. Nothing wrong with playing with yer burritos!