Monday, February 1, 2010

Mussel Love

She took a breath and felt his liquid course through her body. It permeated her and the itchy sensation of thousands of sperm drilling through the membranes in her body nearly drove her nuts. But, she couldn’t move, stuck there on the lava rock as she was. Her holdfasts kept her in place and she could only feel. She could feel those wriggling little bastards as they searched her cavities for eggs. She could feel the tiny explosions of conception and the warm energy of cell division inside of her. It was enough to cause her swelling labia and her testicle lungs to press against the confines of her shell and open her, shamelessly. As the waves crashed about her, the cavitating bubbles of sea air exploded against her bonded skin and made her gasp, taking more of his essence and the competing essence of a thousand others into her depths. In spasmodic response, she squirted her offspring into the ocean where they flowed in fecund streams, in search of bondage and the thrill of sensual ecstasy.


  1. OMG, I can't believe you turned wikipedia mussel biology into porn! You are a talented, talented man! I am very hungry....want me some mussel love.