Saturday, April 11, 2009


The sun licked me clean. I was a kitten at the end of its rasping tongue. It fed me the milk of its shiny power and I fell fat and sleepy against its belly. I woke to the sweat of my dreams, the mud of the earth on my back, and the rising pillar of my lust deep within her mouth. Above my face, the soft folds of life rocked, hanging like the last drop of water on earth beyond my thirsting lips. I touched her. It was morning. Small bumps of cool flesh fell into the slick creases of my tongue, mixed with the sweet scallop-scented liquor of her. My fingers, the nerve endings of my brain, ran along her back, following the crease of her arching muscles, digging into the dents that forced her hips onto the paper-thin membrane of my lips. The slow creep of breathing earth crawled like ants against my nakedness, each small quivering hair feeding on invisible insects like the waving tentacles of sea anemones. Her muffled, stuffed, groans washed over my saliva-coated balls. A gentle, insistent, pressure grew within my depths. She had me where she wanted me. I was caged beneath her golden body. She took my full length into her throat and held me there. A small trickle of piss dripped upon my chin, then became a torrent as she coated me with her essence. I drank her and lapped her up like a puppy. I was hers. I was her territory. I belonged to her. My face was covered with her urine. My shoulders and hair sank into the mud of the playa, as I sank into the depths of her throat and further into the rocks and trees and sky of her world. She settled into my mouth and offered the soup of her body to me. I ate until I was full, and until I filled her with my own life.

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