Wednesday, April 8, 2009


They had never been to such a place, she and Billy. She was nervous and excited. Her stomach felt tight. There was a dampness to her whole body. Her introduction to this world happened so fast, so innocently and delightfully fast. Billy parked the car about a block away. They walked along the dark, rain-dampened, street and entered through the solid wood entrance. The outdoor lighting was stark, white, neon. There were no windows. Inside the door was a small room. A scruffy college-aged kid sat behind a ticket-taker’s cutout in the wall.

“Good evening. Five dollars a piece. Have you ever been here before?” he said.

“Nope,” Billy replied.

He looked her over. “Do you have any ID?”

She dug around and came out with her driver’s license. He glanced at it and handed it back. She felt a jolt, suddenly knowing that she was going to enter into a world she’d never seen and had only fantasized about. Billy handed the attendant his credit card. After the transaction, the kid said, “Go through that door behind you, and I’ll meet you and show you around.”

They walked through the thin, plywood, door and were met by the attendant. Past the door was another small room. The walls were lined with porno flicks and magazines for sale, along with an assortment of condoms and dildos. The college kid escorted them through another door and into the theater.

On the large screen was a jumble of naked bodies, gaping holes, long cocks, cum-coated faces. The sound system blared the liquid sounds of impending orgasms, the “ohm’s” and “yes’s,” the dick-muffled groans and squeals of young women with too much make-up on their faces.

Billy held her body close to his, as the attendant led them down the aisle of the theater, past a small corral to the right. In the corral was a woman who seemed to be mimicking the sounds emanating from the movie screen. She was bobbing on one cock, while gripping another one. She was in heels, stockings, garter…the stereotypic fashion of the whore at play. Men, semi-turgid dicks in their fists, stood outside the corral wall and watched the woman as she moved from one fleshy pole to the next, waving her naked ass in the air.

The attendant led them past the corral to another on that had a bed and night stand and lamp in it. “If you want more privacy, you can rent this room out for an additional $5.00,” he advertised. “The sheets are cleaned.”

The kid continued, “In the back is the ‘couples area,’ and you can use that without any additional cost.”

All of this was swimming through her head. She really didn’t hear what the attendant was saying. She was in a room full of strangers, most of them men. She was in a room where women were sucking cocks and men were beating off. She was delirious in the sensations of the place, the darkened room, the soft smell of liquid sex, the sound of her own thumping heart. She was afraid but confident in the presence of Billy. She was willing to follow his lead. She felt safe in this bubble. Billy’s deep voice stirred her.

“We’ll just head up to the ‘couples room,’” he told the attendant. They walked up to the gated space. It was fully open to onlookers and was spacious enough for at least sixteen lovers. The area enclosed long vinyl-covered benches where couples could watch the movie and each other. Two people were inside. A woman was sucking the cock of a large man. They looked up, briefly, as she and Billy entered the space, then went back to what they were doing. The attendant hooked the chain gate and left.

She and Billy sat on one of the benches, their backs along the wall. She felt a little confused, at first. She didn’t know that live sex would be going on right next to her. She thought they were going to a movie theater. The confusion gave way to electric knotting toe-curling lust when Billy turned to kiss her, running his hands over her breasts and down into her crotch. Her knees spread, instinctively. On-screen, the orgy continued endlessly. One after another, faces were coated in cum, assholes were plugged with thick cocks, lips were open and wanting. Next to her, a woman in heels and garter was sucking on her lover’s (or john’s) cock.

Billy undid her pants. He had her stand and he yanked her pants down. As ordered, she had worn no underwear. Billy then reached up and pulled her top off. She stood naked, in this strange place, in front of total strangers, with the sights and sounds of sucking and fucking going on all around her. Billy pulled her down onto his lap and engulfed her nipples, one at a time, back and forth, in his warm lips. He pulled at them with his teeth, while his hands cupped her ass and pulled her body against him. She felt safe and warm and free and so shamelessly horny.

Suddenly, Billy flipped her around and laid her, sideways, across his lap. She lay back, fully exposed, Billy kissing her, probing her, spreading her naked legs, exposing her to the men who stood just outside the “couples room,” slowly masturbating. Billy looked into her eyes, and rubbed her engorged clit. “Spread your legs, baby,” he urged. “Show off that beautiful pussy.” He shoved his tongue into her throat and his fingers into her cum-slick hole. She spread her legs and pushed her hips into the air, inviting everyone to see how lovely and wet and lusty she had become. Billy’s fingers danced lightly, then roughly, then feather-like, then hard, bringing her closer and closer and closer to the teetering precipice. He teased her, prolonging the show she was putting on. Men in the shadows watched as her hips started to buck and shake, and her legs tensed.

Billy gazed into her blue eyes, and licked the edges of her lips as she released the tension in her body with a wracking orgasm that made her feet and legs flail, her stomach gripping and releasing in spasm after glorious gut-wrenching spasm. Billy’s hand was soaked with her liquor. He cupped her pussy in his hand as her pulsing subsided, her breathing eased and she opened her eyes. She pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him long and deep. She wanted to crawl inside of him and become him. She forgot about where she was. She was his, only his.

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  1. "She wanted to crawl inside of him and become him." BAK - this is beautiful - I know that feeling exactly. The whole piece is wonderful - I love your writing - - so real, honest, and always hot!