Monday, May 17, 2010


“I don’t know about this,” she said, nervously, as he tied her hands behind her back. He worked silently, hearing her anxiety and saying nothing. It heightened the tension in her; it made him smile. He knew she wanted something like this. He also knew that she had no idea what was coming. He wasn’t going to give her a hint, either.

In the distance, the drum beat throbbed in the desert air. It came from all directions and washed over them like heartbeats. The ground seemed to move like their bare chests, breathing and beating, breathing and beating. His bare feet moved about her, softly in the dust. He tied her arms behind her, so as to make her breasts the centerpiece of her torso. They stood into the air, lovely and tender. When the bondage was complete, he kissed her. People walked by, talking, laughing, muttering, singing, silent…all in their own experience of this time. They barely noticed when he slipped the hood over her head.

She stood, naked, except for her boots, and the rope that held her defenseless. Around her neck, he fastened the collar. To that, he clipped the leash. He tugged; she followed. He led her along the streets. She navigated by his silent touch and the soft shuffling of his feet. She followed until he stopped her and ran his hands over the hood, caressing her head.

Although she did not know what to expect, she expected it. She expected the lips on her nipples, there in the middle of somewhere. She expected his fingers on her clit. She expected the cum of her running down her legs as she shook and buckled in front of untold and un-numbered strangers, there in the middle of the cacophony. She expected her cries of orgasm to be soaked into the sponge around her.

They spent the evening like this.

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  1. I can feel the playa dust on my feet and the drumbeat/heartbeat of the earth. I can't wait to shed the skin of civilization again soon.....and go back to that raw, beautiful place. Love!