Monday, May 24, 2010

Boat Party

Just another boat ride…not! We rolled up to the launch and I backed the boat into the water. The others parked up in the lot and started carrying coolers down to the dock. The men did most of the carrying, of course. The girls, in varying states of undress, were great to look at. They stood on the dock…all three of them…waiting to pile into the boat. After drinking whiskey along the way to the lake, they were already rollin’. Gina, of course, was catching looks from the moment she piled out of our truck. She decided, at the last moment, to throw on one of my old white oxfords. Buttoned, strategically, just above her navel, it revealed just enough tit and pussy, when she walked down onto the dock, to get any observant male’s attention in both heads. And there were a few of them, mostly party folks out for a hot day on the lake. A few old-timers were not quite sure what they were seeing.

I tethered the boat to the dock and the guys started dropping the goodies into the boat. The women were already in, giggling and sort of pretending to help out. Janie had a suit on that was so small the fabric could have made a potholder. Like Gina, Bobby was nearly naked. She donned a sheer beach robe and a pair of flip-flops. After unloading the truck, I parked it up in the lot and walked across the steaming asphalt to the dock. It was only 10:00 am, and the day was going to be a hot one.

The plan was to head out over the lake, to a bay where there was a three-day Labor Day party. Bands on the beach, flotillas in the lake. Women, music, water, sun…what could be better? The trip to the beach would take about an hour. As I turned the bow around and headed out on the glassy water, the women took the cue and stripped. Gina took her favorite spot on the bow, right in front of me. The scenery was, to say the least, magnificent. What, with rocky bluffs, deep azure skies, and naked pussy ahead of me, what more could I want?

In moments, I found out. I was rather focused on Gina, when I suddenly felt some nice warm breasts pressing against my back, and a pair of small hands reaching into the front of my shorts. I knew where Gina was, and I sort of could make out Bobby sucking on something hard over my left shoulder so, being capable of outstanding deduction, I surmised that Janie wanted something. Always the conscientious ship captain, however, I could do little but navigate the vessel, while Janie navigated my ship into her throat. Standing there, with my shorts around my ankles and the sun beating on my ass, while Janie was beating my balls, was quite the mid-morning experience.

Not to be diverted from the task at hand, I pulled my steely rod out of Janie’s warm mouth and handed the steering wheel to her. “Here, take the wheel, mate,” I ordered and walked to the back of the boat to grab a beer out of the cooler, my saliva-coated cock waving in the warming breeze. Janie was happy to be at the helm, and she quickly forget what she was doing moments before. Instead, she seemed quite enamored with Gina’s oiled flesh, laid out in front of her.

The sex cruise was on. I sat across from Bobby and her men, and watched as she took them both on. I didn’t even have to touch my dick; it just sort of stayed hard all by itself. After all, it’s not every day that I was treated to Bobby bobbing on the heads of two cocks while fingering herself to multiple orgasms.

A few of miles out into the lake, Gina decided to join the group long enough to duck into the head. She came out from the cabin with rope in hand. “Baby, will you tie me up?” she asked, crossing her legs and wiggling. Bobby, by this time, was getting fucked, and Janie was still making believe that she was Johnny Depp. “Sure,” I said, and got up from my front row seat. Gina climbed back onto the bow and spread herself wide. I roped her up. Her ankles were tied to the railing, as were her wrists. She wasn’t going anywhere. That’s what she wanted.

After I had her tied into place, I poured oil all over her until she reflected the sun’s rays back into space, announcing her availability. I bent down to kiss her. “I want the girls,” she said, nearly pleading. I kneeled next to her and played with her splayed pussy for a bit, until the juice was coating my hand. Then, I left her.

We had a few more miles to go before reaching the scene of the party. I had to calculate things, just right. I let Gina lie there, for awhile. After taking over Janie’s position at the wheel, I was able to watch Gina’s body react to the cooling effect of the wind on her magnificent nipples. Janie, in the meantime, had joined Bobby and the sounds of good, hard, butt-fuckin’ sex filled the air. Gina, of course, could hear much of what she could not be a part of, being tied up and all. I could see her hips move every time someone had an orgasm. Then tension was building. “Billy,” she called. I ignored her. “Billy!” she called, more frantically. “BILLY!” she yelled.

I didn’t respond. I knew we had a couple of miles to go, to get to the flotilla. I told the girls to go up and attend to Gina. I supplied them with a nice big dildo that Gina and I dubbed, “Daddy.” “Go play,” I ordered. “Make her cum until she passes out!” Janie and Bobby pulled away from the business at pussy and made their way to the front of the boat.

The boys were left flopping in the air, but a couple of cold beers soon cured any disappointment they might have. Besides, they could now watch some fun shit on the bow. We compadres lined up along the windshield and watched some absolutely ball-blowin’ action. Janie and Bobby went to work on Gina like a couple of pros. No centimeter of skin went untouched. It took less than sixty-fuckin’-seconds for Gina’s back to arch into the sun and her cries of “Fuck me” to leave the earth. That was before the Daddy plunged into her. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Here we are, a boat load of tanned and happy campers, pulling into the flotilla. Music was blaring from the beach. Party goers were dancing, in various states of coherence and dress, on the sand and boats, and in the water. We floated in, six naked crazies, with Gina at the fore, screaming in orgasm, her pummeled crotch pointed at the crowd, and two gorgeous women on her nipples like flies on shit. Needless to say, we left a good impression that spread rapidly through the crowd. After Gina was untied, we fucked like bonobos on the engine cowling, to the cheers of the crowd. The party got better, from there.


  1. Oh my! I think I just had a party in my pants! Gina on the cowling, eh? That slutty little wanton horndog hussy! Go Gina, Go!!! Great "dude" story -- good old fashioned porn at its finest and hottest!!!! LOVE!