Thursday, June 24, 2010


“What’s all this shit about Microsoft Word,” she said somewhat peevishly. It was not really a question; it was a statement about her ignorance. “I have Microsoft Works!”

He laughed. “Microsoft Works is, like, SO archaic,” he countered, in his characteristic metrosexual affectation. If she hadn’t just had her lights fucked into oblivion by him, she would’ve sworn he was gay. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. She imagined that even gay guys might need a tight pussy, from time to time. After all, they liked assholes. At that moment, she was peering at him as if he was an asshole.

She sat naked, in front of her Gateway 831GM, and tried to find this “Word” thing in her programs. Her pussy was still wet and dripping cum onto the chair. “See,” she blurted, after perusing the list of programs on her hard drive, I don’t have “Microsoft Word!”

He bent down next to her ear, and whispered, “If you suck my cock, I’ll find it for you.”

What had brought them to this point in their post-coital reverie, was a somewhat off-topic comment by Billy that she might have more time to fuck if she’d learn to use a car, instead of a horse and buggy. He had been trying to get her to use Word for a few months, so that she could more easily send her erotica to online publishers. She was rather pig-headed, however, and stuck with her old way of doing things, even though it took twice as long to accomplish things that way. He couldn’t help it; they had been screwing the afternoon away, and she had just had her zillionth orgasm. She, clearly, was enjoying herself. So, as she was catching her breath after another gut-wrencher, he poked her again with his admonition to change her computer skills. She had had enough. She jumped out of bed and ran to her computer, leaving his flagging dick waving in the air.

She turned in her chair and gulped the length of him into her throat. True to his word, Billy reached over her shoulder and scrolled the programs until he found “Microsoft Office Word.” He right-clicked, put the shortcut on the desktop, and drove his cock into her. As she gagged, he crowed, “There ya go.”

She couldn’t believe how fast that happened. She snapped her head away and gazed at her desktop. “How the fuck did you DO that!” she exclaimed.

“It was right there, in black and white,” he said, grinning. “Microsoft Office Word.”

“Huh? I saw that, but I thought it was for office use!” she said, defensively.

“Well…where’s your office?” he said, wagging his saliva-coated pecker in her face.

“Goddam it!” she whined. She waited a moment, to allow her embarrassment to subside, then licked the end of his cock. “OK, so I’m stupid,” she pouted. Then, looking up with her kitten-cute eyes, she mumbled between licks, “Where’s YOUR office?”

Without missing a beat, he returned with, “Up your sweet ass.”

“Word,” she said.


  1. I LOVE this story for so many reasons! It's one of your best, I think! The pace and rhythm, kinkiness, humor, choice of words, pauses, wit....all perfect. Kinda like you, sexy beast.

    PS - glad you found it.

  2. Oh, delightful, BAK. The "If you suck my cock, I'll find it for you" line REALLY got me going!

    Thanks! ;)

  3. Thanks, Emerald! Glad you like my "pick-up" line! :-)