Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Beach

He was so cute; I couldn’t resist. I’d seen his body before, but not like that. It drove me
Dan and I had been seeing each other for about four months, fucking our brains out for
about three and a half. It was a simmering day, and Dan suggested we head out to “the beach.”
I had no idea what beach he was talking about and slipped my skimpiest bikini on under my t-shirt and shorts. Turns out, I didn’t even need that much. The beach was a nude beach a few miles out of town, and when we arrived about 11:00 in the morning it was littered with brown bodies; not a stitch of clothing anywhere.
Now, Dan’s cock is a beautiful specimen even when it’s not hard as steel (which is not
often when I’m around). I was very interested in seeing if he could keep it under control when I
wriggled out of my bikini bottoms.
Walking down the sandy beach, the water lazily lapping at my toes, I watched Dan’s ass
flex under his shorts and his strong shoulders swing as he walked slightly in front of me. The
excitement of the moment made me wet, and I secretly wanted to do something outrageous.
Unbeknownst to my lover, I was scheming while he searched for a semi-secluded spot in the sand. My nipples tightened under my bikini top as my plan unfolded in my mind.
“Here’s a decent spot,” Dan said, and threw out the blanket and set up the beach chairs.
Without apparent hesitation, he stripped down to his muscles and plopped into a chair with a
broad smile on his face. “How do you like it?” he asked.
Staring seductively at his slightly twitching love muscle, I joked, “I hate it,” and peeled off my t-shirt. Untying my top and releasing my hungry breasts into the hot sun, I asked, “Cum here often?”
“No,” he said, appropriately; “I’ve never cum here.”
I stood in front of him, taking in the sensations that rushed through me as I looked around
at the water, the sand, the naked bodies, Dan’s gently glistening chest and stomach and his slowly inflating meat. “That’s too bad,” I teased as I untied my bikini bottoms and dropped them to the sand. I eased myself into the beach chair at his side, reached over and ran my fingernails up the inside of Dan’s thigh and purred, “Wanna cum here often?”

“How often is often?” Dan smiled as his gorgeous tool stretched out in the sun, falling
heavily against his belly.
“As often as you’d like,” I replied as I lightly traced the underside of his cock with a
Dan looked nervously about, suddenly self-conscious as he struggled, unsuccessfully, to
keep himself under control.
“Let me suck it,” I suggested, with a Cheshire grin.
“Here?” Dan asked nervously.
I circled his pole with my small fingers and stroked him slowly. “Just a little,” I cooed, as I bent over and popped the head of his cock between my lips. I slid my lips down as far as I
could, then inched my way back to the beginning. Holding his wet sausage in my hand, I pressed my thumb into the underside, just below the engorged head and massaged it in small circles. I licked his tiny nipples hard, then gazed into his eyes and implored, “Let me fuck it.”
Dan looked around to see if anyone was noticing my busy ministrations. “O.K.,” he
stammered, hesitantly.
I bent over and gulped his hot prick deep into my throat, groaning with wanton desire.
Dan moaned helplessly as I clamped my lips tightly and slid slowly up to the tip, where I paused
to flick the underside with my expert tongue. I giggled and sat back in my chair. “Not yet,” I
teased. I moved my beach chair so I was facing him and reclined with my legs spread invitingly.
Sliding a finger between the swollen folds of my labia, I said, “First, I need some suntan lotion and you need to cum. So, you just whip some lotion up for me and I’ll watch.”
I dipped a couple of fingers into my soaked pussy and smeared my lubrication liberally
across my clit. Then, I lazily stroked myself as I watched Dan take matters into his own hand.
“That’s right, baby,” I coaxed. “Make some lotion for my lips.”
I writhed in front of Dan, and in seconds my body jerked and spasmed in the throes of
ecstasy, my bronzed breasts lurching in the sun, my fingers flying across the head of my shining
love button. I felt so wonderfully open and free and uninhibited, I could have fucked Dan on a
stage in front of thirty thousand.
As I started to relax and regain my composure I was treated to my wildest desire.
Through half-closed eyelids I watched as my lover rose out of his chair, his hand violently
pumping his dick, his muscles shining in the sun. His voice was husky with desire and he cried
out as the first creamy glob of semen flew out of the tip of his crimson cock and splashed across
my slightly parted lips. I arched my back and caught the next load with my upthrust breasts. A
third squirt streaked across my sun-bronzed tummy. The last thrust of Dan’s hips brought a
small, slippery drop of cum to the tip of his flared tool and I hungrily lapped it up with my tongue.
“That’s number one,” I purred, as I smeared his juice all over my body.
The cool air rushing across my cum-soaked breasts made my nipples hard as pebbles.
Dan slumped back into his chair, his semi-rigid member falling heavily between his legs, a smile on his face.

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