Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Making a List

Things To Do

“Idiocracy” DVD
“Snow Falling on Cedars”/ “The Other” by David Guterson
Take kayak to Alder Creek
Start to practice guitar
Get spare inner tube for bike, and glasses (yellow)
Send stuff out for publication
Work on painting(s)
Get lotion from L’Occitane
Find 9/11 New Yorker
Go pick up hammer and tape measure
GolfSmith for clubs: 2 wood, covers, 58/60 degree, 3iron
Get Michael Graves Coffee Pot at Target, or Melita “Take Two”

Submit poetry
Look up Tim’s Book
Turn on lava lamp
Light candles
Cut up cheese
Nip off Viagra
Open wine
Strip her
Rub back/spank/play with pussy/bite neck
Turn/rub front/pinch nipples/kiss/bite neck
Legs/scratch/spread pussy/pinch labia/finger
Prop up/lick pussy/make cum
Pull down/fuck slow
Turn/fuck from behind/spank
She on top….cum

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