Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday Drive

My wife is such a tease! Tawni is 5’5”, sports a thick mane of curly golden
hair, has an ass to die for and a smile that, literally, charms my pants off. We’ve
been together for about five years and she still keeps me guessing.

Last weekend, Tawni pulled a stunt that still has my crotch twitching
whenever I think of it. I was sitting on the couch, reading the Sunday paper when
she walked into the living room, after her morning shower, and suggested that I go
out and take the top off of the convertible so we could take a ride out to the river.
I should have known something was brewing by the look of mischief in her eyes.
I dutifully walked outside and unsnapped the ragtop. The early July sky
was crystal clear, the air was dry and the morning sun promised a blazing day.
Tawni’s idea was a good one. I had no idea how good.

Just as I finished tucking the frame away, my lovely wife padded softly out
of the house and climbed into the passenger seat. “Ready?” she asked with a
broad grin.

I looked at her and grew a little weak. There she sat, wearing a bath towel
and sunglasses. Her hair was in a French braid, her skin glistened in the bright
morning sun. “Looks like you are,” I chuckled as I climbed in beside her and
started the motor. We rolled out of the driveway and out to the road that was to
take us out of town and into the surrounding desert. As soon as we hit the four-
lane highway that leads out of town, Tawni unwrapped her towel and draped her
right leg over the side of the car.

The rush of the morning air tightened and crinkled her perfect nipples; the
golden light cascaded around the smoothness of her breasts and tummy and spilled
across her delicate feet and sexy, tanned legs. Of utmost beauty, however, was
glow that radiated from her freshly-shaved pussy and the tender pink hood of her
clitoris. Needless to say, I had some difficulty keeping my eyes on the road.

There are three major intersections between our apartment and the open
road. Before we reached the first set of lights I made sure I was in the curb lane.
That didn’t deep the driver in the car next to me from noticing that I had a hot one
in the passenger seat. Tawni was reclining, her right hand tracing the puffy folds
of her smooth crotch, occasionally pulling at her nipples. Her hips rocked slowly
in the bucket seat.

The first set of lights was not too bad, but I could see trouble up ahead. My
hot lover’s eyes were closed and her breasts were rising and falling with the
rhythm of the finger that slid the length of her shining, bare pussy. As we started
slowing to a stop, Tawni’s hand increased its tempo, and when we pulled up
alongside the van at the stoplight, my beautiful passenger dove deep into her
gaping hole with two fingers.

The van next to us was full of a high school baseball team and they soon
had the windows packed. Hoots and howls of encouragement excited Tawni even
more and she gasped with an impending orgasm as I pulled away from the

“Wow, that was close,” she said with a contented grin. She looked back
over her shoulder at the van full of admirers that was speeding to keep up with us
as we approached the final intersection. “Watch this,” she giggled.

My dick almost jumped out of my shorts when I saw her next move. She
opened the glove compartment where she had planted a very life-like replica of a
stiff, nine-inch cock. Out it came and in it went -- to the hilt. Tawni placed both
of her delicate feet on the dashboard and drove that dildo home, drawing it out
shiny and soaked, to its perfectly formed mushroom tip, then sucking it in again.
She started moaning and groaning as she pumped her sopping hole. Her
shameless clitoris stood out, reddish-pink and hard in the sun, begging for
attention. I wanted so badly to lean over and touch it with the tip of my tongue.
Tawni was nearly in a frenzy as we started to decelerate. Unconsciously, I
was humping the air and a spreading patch of pre-cum crept across the front of my
shorts. When we rolled to a stop next to the van full of cheering young studs,
Tawni raised her hips off of the seat so the appreciative audience could get a full
shot of that nine-inch tool pistoning in and out of her sopping cunt.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I licked my fingers, reached over and
rubbed her screaming clit furiously. That was all my little exhibitionist could
stand. Her body arched like a bow, her smooth belly and jiggling nipples jutting
to the sky. Her cries of pleasure drowned out the cheers of the crowd in the van.
She thrashed and bucked and tore at the seat until the waves of her orgasm started
to subside and, as we turned right and headed out of town, she melted into the seat,

As soon as she caught her breath, she leaned over and pulled my leaking
cock out of my very wet shorts. With the dildo still clutched in the muscles of her
pussy, Tawni tongued my tool until I filled her warm mouth with hot cum and the
sizzling desert air with my own bellows of ecstasy.

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