Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Dunes

This was the day I had been dreaming about, fantasizing about, masturbating to for weeks. A sizzling hot day, clear skies and two incredibly sexy women who wanted to go for a drive to the beach. One woman, Kari, was my insatiable lover, five-six, auburn hair, firm breasts and an ass to make men cry. The other, Toni, had been a friend of Kari for several years. Her hair color, sun-streaked blond, was the only thing that really set her apart. Otherwise, the two friends could have passed for twins.
This day was special for many reasons, not the least of which was that Toni knew that she was accompanying Kari and I, in part, so that she could operate our new video camera. Kari and I were both very excited when we awoke that morning to find the weather just as we had hoped. We threw the blanket, the towels, the oil and the wine and cheese into the duffel and then dressed for the day. I slipped into some boxers and threw on an old shirt; Kari, always thinking ahead, grabbed one of my over-sized oxfords and draped it over her radiant body, buttoning it once below her navel. That was it. I took one look at her and my cock stood on end. She smiled and said, “Let’s go, you horny bastard. Don’t forget the camera.”
We ran out the door and jumped into the car, plugged Michael Franks into the stereo and took off to pick up Toni. When we arrived at Toni’s house, it was immediately apparent that the women had communicated with regard to the proper apparel for the day. Toni was wearing the skimpiest cropped top I’d ever seen, along with a very small, red thong bottom. She literally bounced into the backseat, a huge grin on her face. We were off.
The drive to the coast was pleasant, with conversation ranging from weather to politics, but electricity filled the air, along with the faint odor of Kari’s damp pussy. When we reached the coast, we drove to a very isolated stretch of sand dunes where Kari and I had frolicked several times in the past. We pulled onto a gravel road that led to an old jeep trail that wound back into the dunes. I pulled the car into a shady grove of pines and cut the engine.
“Here we are,” I announced as I opened my door and stepped out. Toni eased out of the back seat and looked around.
“This is great!” she exclaimed. “How did you find this?”
“We were horny, one day,” Kari said with a slight grin.
While the goddesses were leaning against the car, admiring the view, I slipped out of my t-shirt and threw it onto the front seat. Kari smiled, then sauntered slowly around the front of the car and walked seductively up to me with her hands behind her back, the nipples of her breasts poking firmly against the thin fabric of her opened shirt. She pressed her chest and belly against me and gave me a nibbling kiss that sent the blood rushing to my crotch.
“Oh, you guys are so cute,” Toni chided. “Can’t you wait?”
“Wait for what?” I teased.
Toni walked around to where Kari and I stood, her eyes obviously darting about in an attempt to avoid a direct stare at the bulge in my boxers. “So,” she said, nonchalantly, “how do you work this thing?” She bent over and reached into the car to get the video camera. Needless to say, I could not help but take in the spectacle of her firm buns as she bent at the waist. I was certain I detected a slight dampness in the fabric that barely covered her crotch. I took the camera from her and demonstrated its use, paying particular attention to the operation of the zoom feature.
“I’ve got it,” she assured me.
I grabbed the duffel bag and swung it over my shoulder. “Let’s go.”
The three of us walked into the warming sand, the tiny grains sifting up through our toes. At ten o’clock in the morning the sun was already blazing, and the still, dry, air caressed our sensuous bodies. Toni continued to marvel at the scenery (as did I) and Kari walked close to me reaching out occasionally to brush my back with her fingernails.
After a short walk we reached the top of an old sand dune that was partially sheltered by trees on one side and open to the ocean on the other. It was here that I set the duffel on the ground and got out the blanket. After spreading the blanket, I opened the wine and invited my companions to join me in a toast. “To sex, wine and videotape,” I offered as I raised the bottle to my lips. Kari took it from me. “To sex,” she countered. Toni thought for a second. “To sex on videotape,” she said with a beaming smile as she tipped the bottle.
Suddenly, everyone fell silent and I’m sure we were trying to sort out what to do next. The silence didn’t last long, however. “Do you mind if I take this off?” Kari asked as she started to get to her knees to pull the shirt off.
I jumped at the opening and said, “Wait, I get to do that.”
“Toni,” I asked, “wanna take a couple shots?”
“Sure,” she said and jumped up. “Just a second.” She took a good, healthy chug on the wine, stood up with the camera, peeled off her top and took a couple of steps back into the sand. “Any time,” she prompted.
Both Kari and I were pleasantly surprised to see Toni’s pert, round breasts in the sunlight. We looked at each other, giggled, and moved together. We started with little kisses. Kari’s soft breath quickened each time I moved to nibble on her earlobes. “Close your eyes,” I whispered.
She was on her knees, her hands to her sides, her eyes closed as I stepped around behind her. We were both facing Toni and the whirring camera. I stepped out of my shorts and heard a soft gasp from Toni when she laid eyes on my smoothly shaved balls and the stiffening flesh between my legs. I looked into the camera and stroked myself a couple of times before sinking slowly to my knees behind Kari.
I eased her shirt up over the glorious mounds of her buttocks and nestled my cock and balls against her. She moaned and arched back gently against me as I reached around to cup her breasts in each hand. Surrendering to me, she threw her head back against my chest and parted her lips. As I kissed her deeply, we both moaned with desire. Her hand reached up to pull my tongue deeper into her hot mouth and my hands pulled the shirt slowly off her shoulders. It fell to the ground revealing her shaved pussy, tight tummy and rock-hard breasts to the camera. I ran my fingers all over the front of her smooth body, tickling the undersides of her breasts, tugging gently on her nipples, feathering the delicate skin of her stomach and hips. Every touch elicited a response. Kari moved her hips and groaned with every pleasure. My hairless genitals pressed into the small of her back.
From time to time I glanced toward Toni and was very happy to see that she had learned how to operate the camera with one hand. Her other hand roamed freely across her body and it was obvious that she was enjoying the show.
Tantalizingly, excruciatingly, I brushed my fingers across the tingling skin of Kari’s labia. The lubrication from her depths was literally soaking her crotch, causing it to shine and sparkle in the sun. I smeared it liberally across her belly and dampened her nipples with it. Kari’s breathing was becoming quick and rough by the time I finally slid my finger between her labia and over the bright red head of her clitoris. She let out a small squeal and opened her eyes. A dreamier, sexier look I’d never seen. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and I knew that she needed release very soon. She didn’t wait too long before she pleaded, “Please, put it in.” As soon as she uttered the words, I rubbed her clitoris a few firm, quick strokes and she dug her nails into my arm.
“You fucking tease!” she blurted. “I want it now!”
“Don’t move,” I ordered, as I descended to the blanket and eased my head between her legs. Looking up at her angelic face and smiling, I licked the insides of her shimmering thighs, rubbing my nose and cheeks across her sex, inhaling her fragrance and tasting her salty cum. I grabbed her hands and held them behind her back, imagining the wonderful video of my lover, naked, exposed and writhing above my busy tongue. Several times, I brought her to the edge, sucking gently on her tiny penis and burying my tongue deep within her love hole. She threw her head back and thrust her nipples to the sky, her taut tummy undulating with her hips.
I decided I’d give both Kari and Toni a little more to look at, so I eased out from behind Kari and crawled around in front of her. Again, I lay on my back and moved my head beneath Kari’s baby-smooth pussy. From this angle, Kari, Toni and the camera could watch as I slowly masturbated in front of them, from time to time spreading pre-cum across the engorged head of my rod. Both women moaned as they watched my hips move and my balls roll gently inside their smooth sacs. From time to time, I’d run my tongue from Kari’s clitoris back across her pussy and then bury it in her asshole. Each time I did that she groaned and her legs shook.
I felt the cum boiling inside of me, but each time it started to rise I slowed my pace and caught my breath, pinching the head between my thumb and fingers and pulling my cock high into the air for the camera.
Finally, I felt Kari was ready to dance, so I reached up and grabbed her hands again and held them firmly behind her back. I pulled on her arms so her belly and breasts arched toward the camera, then unleashed a fury of tongue lashings on her radiant clitoris.
“Ugh, ugh . . . augh . . . oh, ooh, OH! . . . YEASSS! . . OH YES! . . . aaaa . . . shit! . . Yesss! . . . god . . . shit . . . oh . . . god, yeasss! . . . FUCK! . . . ugh . . . agh . . . .” Kari screamed and bucked and screamed and bucked some more. My face was flooded with her slick cream.
Even Toni got into the act by coaxing Kari on. “God, that’s hot,” she groaned. “Cum all over his face, Kari . . . God, this is too Much!” Toni kneeled close to get some close-ups of my tongue as it flicked Kari’s clit like a vibrator. “Fuck his face . . . yeah . . . fuck him,” she directed.
Finally, Kari had enough. She was whimpering like a puppy as she fell to the blanket onto her back and splayed her legs wide, imploring me to impale her on my shaft. I have to admit, my own blood was running hot during all of this and a steady stream of pre-cum oozed out of the crimson head of my cock. A clear drop of liquid was sliding down my shaft as I positioned myself between Kari’s outstretched legs. Before me, Kari’s peach was spread, slick and glistening, swollen with blood and nerves, aching to be touched by anything.
I glanced at Toni who had stepped closer with the camera. Somehow, she had wriggled out of her bottoms and her free hand was slowly grinding into her crotch as she filmed the sizzling scene in front of her.
I placed the tip of my cock just inside the soaked lips of Kari’s love hole and waited long enough for Toni to get a good close-up shot before I slid slowly into Kari. Kari immediately dug her nails into my ass cheeks and held me tight as she ground her clitoris into my pubis and shook with another orgasm.
“Ugh! . . . Ugh! . . . Ugh! . . . Oh! . . . Yeah! . . . Yeah! . . . YEAH!” Kari’s cries kept coming as she writhed underneath me. Just as her vocalizations started to subside, I reached under her ass with one hand and started a strong, driving thrust, pumping in rhythm with her building crescendo of guttural moans, slapping my cum-soaked and sweaty balls against her tiny asshole.
I remember hoping that Toni was getting some good quality footage. I was hoping because I could see that she was thrusting her hips in rhythm with the fingers that she pumped in and out of her sopping pussy. Soon, her own cries of pleasure competed with Kari’s sobs of delight as a gut-wrenching orgasm wracked her sweaty body. I was too wrapped up in the sights and sounds to think about my own release. Besides, I wanted to save up a big load for the face shot that I knew Kari wanted.
I slowed the pace and allowed Kari to catch her breath, then pulled out slowly and sat back on my heels, smiling as I watched Kari’s glistening breasts heaving in the hot sun. I looked at Toni who was visibly weak in the knees from her pleasure. She was faithfully operating the camera, however - - a real trooper. I could see her training both the camera and her free eye on my glimmering meat, and her lips were moist and slightly parted as though she were dreaming of what it might feel like to be stuffed to the hilt. I reached out and took the bottle of wine in hand.
As I tipped the bottle to my mouth, I felt the delicate touch of my lover’s tongue on the underside of my rod. Kari had positioned herself just below my arching member and was gazing hungrily at it as she ran her tongue from my shining balls up to the tip. Each time she reached the tip, she took the swollen head into her mouth and moaned while her hands roamed over her body. Her head moved until my balls dangled above her mouth. She circled her thin fingers around my cock and stroked it slowly while she sucked, lazily, on my hairless scrotum.
“Don’t you want to cum, baby?” she crooned. “Don’t you want to watch your cum fly all over my lips?”
I could do little but groan. I glanced at Toni who was, by now, fingering herself to another orgasm. She was trying to time it so that she would cum when I did. Her hand would take on a life of its own until her breasts started to blush, then she’d slow her strokes until she regained composure. She was so beautiful, sweat rolling down her cleavage and dripping from her sun-drenched bangs, her tongue circling her lips and her hips rocking. She had sunk to her knees so she could get a good close-up shot of my impending eruption.
Kari gradually increased the pace of her stroking and, every once in awhile, she’d roll the head of my penis between her lips then return to her oral ministrations on my balls. The whole time, she was masturbating and bringing herself closer to her fourth orgasm. The sizzling, still, air was filled with gasps, moans, groans, slurps and sighs, as the three of us approached our respective edges. Kari spiced up the audio recording with her coaching.
“Cum on my face, baby . . . squirt for me . . . uh, huh . . . squirt my mouth, baby . . . nice cock, ummm . . . pretty cock, yummm . . . squirt my tits . . . gimme . . . uh, huh . . . gimme cummm. . . on my . . . ugh . . . oh, fuck . . . on my lips . . ..”
As we all came closer, Toni joined in with her own encouragement. “I have to cum . . . please let me cum . . . please . . . squirt . . . squirt your cream . . . I want to suck you dry . . . God, you (ugh) you . . . yeah . . . guys ( oh . . . fuck me) are so (ohh . . . ugh) fucking great! . . . Nice cock (ugh!) . . . cum, cum, cum . . . .”
Kari flicked her tongue like a vibrator, up and down the underside of my member, her hand pumping in a maddenly slow, steady pace. The molten cum inside of me started forcing its way to the surface.
Toni was the first to lose it, her hips shaking, her tits bouncing, her mouth open with screams of rapture. The camera was rolling.
I was next. I threw my head back and bellowed as streams of thick, white, juice spilled from the burning hole in my cock. I cried out in incredible pain and pleasure, my insides pouring across Kari’s lips and tongue, neck and breasts. White, creamy rivulets splashed all over Kari’s wrenching body as she jerked and twitched in the throes of her own moment of pleasure.
“God,” Toni begged, “can I put this down?”
“Not yet, I need to feed my baby,” I gasped. And, as Kari lay in a half-dream state, I bent down and licked up a big dollop of cum from her cheek and dripped it into her open mouth.
“Yummmm,” she sighed. “More.”
I sucked up another helping and let it run off my tongue and into her deep throat. “Mmmm,” she purred.
Toni couldn’t stand it, I guess, because she placed the camera on the blanket and bent down to lick the puddle of my juice that had gathered just below Kari’s rib cage. “Mmmm, that is good,” she joined. “More,” she mumbled as she popped one of Kari’s rigid nipples into her mouth and sucked on it hard. “More,” she whispered as she licked the tender, sensitive undersides of Kari’s breasts. “More,” she whispered, again, as she slid her mouth across Kari’s cum-soaked lips, her tongue darting tentatively into Kari’s mouth.
Kari raised her arms and clasped her hands behind Toni’s head drawing her into a long, passionate, relaxed kiss. This totally unexpected turn of events quickly caused my spent cock to climb to attention. I grabbed the video camera and took up where Toni had left off.
The women seemed oblivious to my presence as they caressed each other, fondled each other and showered each other with kisses. Kari was entirely relaxed and open as she allowed Toni to explore every inch of her flesh with her long, delicate fingers. Toni pulled away and started a slow crawl down the length of Kari’s sprawling body. She kissed her forehead, cheeks, earlobes, mouth, chin, neck, shoulders and paused for a langorous slathering of Kari’s breasts. Kari, of course, reciprocated by nibbling cat-like on the small, pink nipples that swung enticingly above her face. As Toni tongued Kari’s ribs and stomach, Kari mirrored the technique. When Toni jabbed her tongue into Kari’s navel, Kari drove her tongue deep into Toni’s little button. It was as if this had been rehearsed; they were dancing together. Eyes closed, moaning with satisfaction, the two lovers closed in on their targets.
When Toni reached my lover’s pot of gold, she gazed at it and gingerly ran her fingers along the naked, swollen labia, marveling at how beautiful Kari’s shaved pussy was. “I like this,” she crooned. Kari looped her arms over Toni’s hips and pulled her lips up to the engorged clitoris that poked its shiny helmet out from Toni’s neatly-cropped bush.
Toni slowly sank to one side and looped one leg behind Kari’s shoulder. Kari did the same. Both women snaked their tongues out, running them lightly from clitoris to asshole and back, pausing each time to suck gently on the little man in the boat. Both women were panting, their bellies moving together, their hips humping.
I was having a great time capturing this precious moment on film. I’d take a pan from head to toe, then back, recording the incredible perfection of the feminine forms writhing before me, from time to time zooming in on a curled toe, a flexed buttock, a glistening breast. I took great shots of rigid, little clitoris’s, swollen with blood, as they disappeared between soft, searching lips. I caught the liquid sounds of tongues flicking delicate assholes, of gasps and groans and growls.
Talk about voyeur heaven!
I don’t know who was the first to break, but at some unspoken cue both lovers turned their lips and tongues into high gear and hips and asses started to tighten and buck. Muffled screams of ecstasy punctuated each arch of the back and thrust of the pelvis. The two lithe bodies tangled and untangled in front of me like one organism. I don’t think I had ever seen so much contentment on two women’s faces as when Kari and Toni finally fell to their backs, panting, their legs flung wide, their sweat-streaked breasts heaving. I made sure I recorded their lazy smiles on tape, then set the camera down.
Toni was the first to break the silence. “God, that was intense. I’ve wanted to do that for so long. Thank you,” she purred as she delicately ran her fingers over the shiny, wet skin of Kari’s naked pussy.
“Believe me, the pleasure was all mine,” I said. “Anyone care for some wine and cheese?”
Kari started giggling. “I’m sorry, babe, I forgot you were here,” she chuckled as she propped herself up on her elbows. “Did you get any of that on film?”
“All if it,” I replied with a wink.
“Great! That’s going to be hot!” Kari bent forward and took Toni’s swollen clit into her lips and gave it a playful tug, then popped out of her lips and sat up. Toni’s ass jerked and she gave a little squeal. “You jerk!” she exclaimed.
The three of us sat in the searing sun, drinking wine, eating cheese and bread and looking at the white water of the ocean breaking onto the beach. After the last swig of wine, Toni leaped to her feet and ran to the water to cool off. Kari followed and I watched as the water nymphs splashed and played together in the surf. Finally, they threw their arms around each others’ glorious hips and walked back to the dune together.
I suggested that they lie down on the blanket and I’d rub some tanning oil on their drying backs. They readily responded by rolling onto their bellies, stretching like cats on a windowsill. I decided that I would test my ambidexterity and kneeled on the blanket between them. On each firm, smooth, back I poured a liberal stream of warm lotion. Kari responded by pressing her pubis into the blanket.
“Mmmm, that feels sexy,” she growled. “Like hot cum.”
I started with the women’s shoulders, massaging and kneading them in synchrony. They both rewarded my ministrations with moans of sleepy pleasure. When both backs were oiled and glistening, from neck to buttocks, I picked up the warm lotion and dribbled a slow, thick stream of it across the top of Toni’s gracefully arching ass, then at right angle down the deep crevasse of her cheeks. As I poured the liquid between her sun-reddened globes, she took a quick breath, moved her legs slightly apart and raised her ass gently so that the sensuous oil ran across her rosebud and down into the already drenched and lubricated folds of her puss. I repeated the process with Kari, then set the lotion down and began my most inspired massage ever. First, I spread the oil evenly, one hand gliding across Toni’s equally delectable ass. I used a firm, circular, motion to massage each hip and buttock. Starting at the waist, I’d move down toward the top of the legs, then up to the top and down to the opposite legs. Each time I moved up I’d slide the middle finger of each hand deeper into the slick “V” between the cheeks. Finally, on one inevitable upward pass, I slowly grazed both tiny assholes. Simultaneously, I heard a tiny moan from each of my captives, and both asses raised ever so slightly as my finger moved away. The next pass I made went past the asshole and dipped teasingly into the entrance of each flooded pussy. As I trailed my fingers upward I lingered at the delicate little rosebuds for awhile. Both Kari and Toni were my slaves at this point. Their legs were spread and their hips gyrated slightly as I traced their oily buttholes around and around.
“Nugh . . . uh, ooh . . . yeah . . . oh, yeah . . . ugh, ugh,Ugh! . . . Oooo!” Kari and Toni squirmed at the end of my fingers. I made them both nice and hot, then directed them to flip over so I could take care of what really needed taking care of. Neither woman hesitated at my suggestion. Both Kari and Toni giggled expectantly and flipped over onto their backs. The sun beat down and warmed the four pert titties that rose and fell with each sigh as my fingers streaked lotion around and over their hard, brownish-red nipples. I massaged each rib and gently kneaded each taut tummy. Occasionally, I’d return to a nipple on Kari and roll it firmly between thumb and forefinger while I did the same to Toni.
I have to admit that during all of this loving care administered to my two goddesses, my cock and balls were working overtime. My pole was rigid, every nerve ending buzzing. Pre-cum oozed out of the engorged tip and ran along the underside of my joystick. I knew that my second blast of the day would be a mind-blower, but I wasn’t sure how of when it would happen. The anticipation was incredible.
When Kari’s and Toni’s upper torsos were sufficiently well-lubricated I moved to their long, muscular legs. I oiled their feet, lingering on each perfect toe, then moved to their sexy ankles, up their shins and onto their warm thighs. When I was through with the introductions my women were thoroughly relaxed, yet buzzing with sexual energy.
Two delicate, beautiful, sensual triangular patches of skin remained. I started with Kari by dripping the warm lotion onto her smooth, wet labia. Each drop sent a spasm of delight through her hips. She spread her legs as far as she could, exposing herself totally. Her clitoris was engorged and jutting out into the sun, begging to be stroked. I aimed a large, hot drop of lotion and planted it on the flaming nub of her sex. She gasped as the lotion hit its mark and ran into the folds of her pussy. She reached out and grabbed Toni’s hand and squeezed it.
Toni started laughing when the lotion hit her crotch and started seeping between her labia.
“Jesus, that feels incredible,” she exclaimed as she flung her legs as wide as she could get them.
“I’ve never been so fuckin’ horny in my life. Kari, will you share him with me? I think I’d pop my rocks if he stuck it in one inch!” Kari didn’t need to reply.
I started by pressing down firmly with the heel of each hand on the slick mounds of my lovers and slowly circling. Both hips pressed up into my hands. Then I lightly traced first one side, then the other of both pussies, careful not to touch the throbbing, aching clitoris’s that thrust wantonly into the sun.
Slowly, simultaneously, I pushed two fingers of each hand into the juice-filled flesh of the vaginas that gaped, shamelessly, in front of me. Both women took deep breaths and, moving their heads together moaned deeply into each other’s throat, their tongues entwining. I started a slow, tortuous rhythm that had my lovers delirious with passion. Teasing my slaves, I occasionally withdrew my pumping fingers and massaged their clits until I felt they were ready to burst. Then, I’d resume the slow, steady, pumping, in and out, long strokes, in and out, deep strokes, in and out, with my fingers.
I finally decided that Toni needed some well-earned release so I positioned myself over her well-oiled, well-massaged pussy and teasingly lowered my cock and balls until my staff snuggled full-length between her labia. I slid my genitals back and fourth across her pleasure button.
“You bastard,” she growled. “Fuck me . . . oh . . . god . . . oh, fuck me . . . ugh, ugh! . . . PLEASE! . . . OH, don’t tease . . . Ugh, you Fucker . . . oh . . . yes . . ..”
She was just about ready to shoot through the roof when I dropped my clutch and put the pedal to the metal. My cock plunged into her depths and she pumped her hips to respond to each forceful thrust. Her head was flying back and forth and her arms were flailing. Screams of delight rang through the air as wave after wave of tension and release, tension and release, flowed through her abdomen, ass and legs. If you could believe all of the sobs of ecstasy and the bucking of her hips, I must have gave her a series of constant orgasms for about two or three minutes. Amazingly, my cock stayed as stiff as steel, but I didn’t release. It seemed like I could go on forever.
So, as soon as Toni started to settle down, I withdrew moved over to Kari and, after crooking her delicious legs over my shoulders, impaled her on my soaking rod. Her reaction was instant. Her hands gripped the blanket tightly and with her deep, dreamy, bedroom eyes, she gazed at me while her slender body wretched in orgasm beneath me. Her sweet mouth was parted, her lips were trembling and wet and she cried out with every deep, full plunge of my hard meat.
“Ugh! . . . Ugh! . . . Ugh! . . . Ugh! . . .” My drenched balls slapped heavily against her baby-smooth rectum. I was streaked with sweat by the time Kari started her descent and my body glistened in the hot air. Our shaved crotches slid to a slow grind.
Toni feigned amazement and asked Kari, “Doesn’t he ever cum?”
Kari smiled and said, “Let’s see.” She pulled away from me, leaving my dripping cock swaying in the hot air. She told me to lay on my back, then smiled devilishly at Toni and asked, “Wanna help?” Both women swooped down like birds and began nibbling and licking the entire length of my aching tool. One on each side, they ran their hungry mouths up and down and around my cock, slapping, flicking, slurping, kissing one another. They laughed, squealed, giggled as they went. Every once in awhile, Kari would take me deep into her throat, then Toni would follow. The sensation and the sight and sound was incredibly sensual. Kari finally directed Toni to play with my aching balls, to roll them gently in her hand. While that was happening both of my lovely cocksuckers faced each other and took my cock lengthwise between each other, with my cock running between them. In this position, they ran their heads up and down together, jacking me off with their mouths.
I could feel an immense pressure building deep inside of me. Kari sensed a pending earthquake. Mumbling, “Watch this,” as her head slid the length of my rod with Toni, Kari deftly slid a long, thin finger up my asshole and started massaging my prostate. That did it. I immediately caved in. It was like every muscle in my body came loose from its mooring. I was jelly.
I bellowed like a bull as my cock squirted load after steamy load of cum across the cheeks, lips, eyelids, chins and hair of my tandem lovers. Their mouths broke apart and their tongues danced around the head of my dick like soft, hot vibrators. They laughed and gurgled with delight as they tried to scoop up the juice that spurted from my depths. I laughed uncontrollably from the total release of pressure and inhibition.
We all fell back with laughter at the freedom and joy and love we felt for each other at that moment in time. No words were spoken; none were needed. We lay on the blanket in the blazing sun, our skin turning red, huge smiles of satisfaction on our faces. Somebody finally mentioned that they were getting burnt. So, we all decided to go back to the apartment and watch our tape. That was quite another experience . . . ..

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