Friday, January 23, 2009

Poker 5

So, Liza, Amy, Karla and Judy were just about out of wine. Amy, who was very relaxed after her delightful performance, asked me for a refill. I happily obliged, filling her glass about halfway with a very smooth and deep cherry merlot.
“Wait,” she said, as I started to step away. “I need some flavor.”
She reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me to her. She lifted her glass between my legs and submerged my hot balls in her wine. Then, after a proper soaking, she lowered her glass and licked me clean. “Yummm….,” she swooned, “I love this wine.”
Whether it was due to drunken inattention or just plain luck, Amy lost again. She had nothing to lose, however, so she sat in her chair with a Cheshire grin, looking smug. That was until Liza announced that, since Amy had already had an orgasm, she had to give one of the girls one.
Amy was a bit surprised at this unexpected twist in the rules of the game. Unconsciously, her hands dove into her wet crotch and she worked her fingers through the swollen folds of her oyster while she thought. She looked at Liza and gave her a wicked smirk. Then, she rose out of her chair and sauntered, seductively, around the table, touching Judy’s hair, biting Karla’s neck, rubbing the satin skin of her breasts across Liza’s face. She padded over to me, bent at the waist and slid her lips up and down my straining shaft. She stepped back, cupped my package in her hands, looked into my eyes and asked, in a soft voice, “Who do you want me to go down on?”

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