Monday, January 12, 2009

Photo Session

Sitting in my office, I think of the walk up the path to the towering basalt columns that make up Horsethief Butte. I led the way, the expedition leader, in a sense. After all, I talked Brian, the photographer, and Jeanie, the model, to come to this place. It was a warm day along the Columbia Gorge and I was anxious on the drive, hoping that we might have the butte to ourselves. This was, after all, scheduled to be the backdrop for scenes of sexual eroticism, and I
did not want insensitive intruders. As we pulled to a stop, along the road, I was relieved to see that there were no other cars.

Jeanie, Brian and I had each had a glass of wine on the drive and were feeling warm inside. We talked about the beauty of the place as we walked. I was somewhat nervous, but comfortable with what I had planned. Jeanie giggled every once in awhile, revealing that she,
too, had a butterfly or two in her stomach.

The walk was not far and we soon stood within the circle of stone that rims the butte and creates a natural corral on the interior. I remembered a tree that grew in a corner of the corral. It was tucked into a small indentation in the rock wall and had a low-slung branch that would serve as a prop in the first series of shots. I walked up to the tree and visually checked the branch.

“Jeanie, come here a minute,” I said with a smile. My heart was beginning to beat into my crotch as she walked toward me. Jeanie is a friend/lover of Brian’s and he had described her to me. He was right about the pert, young breasts and the small, firm ass. He failed to tell me about her over-all beauty, however. Long ringlets of shining dark hair framed a small, delicate, face with full lips, a thin button nose and blue eyes that a man could swim in, completed the exquisite picture. I was in love at first sight. She sauntered up to me.

“Here,” I directed, “see if you can reach this branch.” She smiled as she easily reached up and grasped onto the smooth bark. She almost had to raise up on her toes.

“Like this?” she asked, with a tease in her voice that told me she knew what was coming.
Jeanie was a professional dominatrix, by trade. She knew all about teasing.

“How’s this spot?” I turned and asked Brian.

“This is great,” he said, enthusiastically. “Let me check the lighting.”

Without a word, Jeanie and I pulled off our shorts and t-shirts and stood together in the
late morning sun, while Brian took light meter readings against our skin. He stepped back and
adjusted his camera, took the lense cap off and positioned himself. “O.K.,” he said, “let’s see
what you had in mind.”

“You wouldn’t want to see what’s in my mind,” I joked.

“Sure I would.”

“Alright, Jeanie,” I said, “grab the branch with both hands.” She did as I directed.

“Now,” I whispered, “try to hang on.”

I stood behind her and kissed her neck and earlobes, touching her only with my lips and
slowly rising cock. She immediately reacted, moving her head back and from side to side,
pushing her rear into my body.

I reached around with both hands and lightly traced the undersides of her taut breasts. I
circled her areolas, feeling the nipples harden, hearing her breathing become more rapid.
I buried a kiss and a small bite into her neck while, at the same time, rolling her nipples
between my thumbs and forefingers. Jeanie’s hips lurched and shook and she groaned. I dug
the fingers of one hand ito that soft space between her belly button and crotch and pulled her into my body.

Brian’s camera was very busy. “Keep going,” he said, “I’ve got to put in a new roll. You guys are great, just great.”

Jeanie was saying about the same thing. “God, this is great. I can’t remember when I’ve
been so hot,” she murmured in between moans.

I ran my tongue down her back and down into the soft crevasse of her butt. I trailed my hands down her front, from her breasts to her hips. Next, I reached through her legs with one hand, tickling her soaked labia as I went. Her ass muscles were shaking as my hand smeared her
juice all over her crotch. I pressed the heel of my hand into the opening of her vagina, forcing
her engorged clit between two of my outstretched fingers. Then, I rocked my hand back and
forth, gently, while I licked and nibbled the smooth young skin of her rear. Whenever I thought
she might come, I stopped the rocking motion until she settled down.

“You are fucking teasing me to death,” she cried. “I need to come. Uugh! God . . . oh
. . . this is . . . uugh . . .fucking GREAT!”

“Hold on Jeanie, don’t let go,” I coached, as I moved around to one side of her. I cupped
one side of her head and plunged my tongue deep into one of her ears while, simultaneously,
flicking her dripping clit. She took a deep breath and held it and I knew she was ready to burst,
so I withdrew from her.

“You bastard!” she growled as her hips shook. “Just wait . . . you’re next.”

“Oh,” I teased, as I sucked a nipple into my mouth, “and what are you going to do to
me?” I moved over and sucked the other one. “How many times can you come in one day?”

“Forever, you fucker,” she whined. “I need to cum now . . . please let me cum now.”

“Promise you’ll do it again?” I tormented her.

“Yesss . . . you fucker . . . hurry . . . make me cum.”

When I stepped back from her, she looked absolutely frantic and absolutely heavenly. A
thin trickle of sweat ran from her beaded chest to her belly. I crouched in front of her, spread her pussy with my fingers and slowly licked her little nub . . . once . . . twice (she was shaking and every muscle in her long legs tightened) . . . three times, then unleashed a flurry on her clit that
sent her into convulsions of pleasure. She cried out again and again, throwing her head from side to side. She was up on her toes, grinding her sopping pussy into my tongue. My tongue was on her like a vibrator, and I kept it up until she literally collapsed on top of me, her chest heaving, her legs unable to support her.

“That was outrageous,” Brian exclaimed. “I almost did it in my pants.”

“Don’t waste it,” ordered Jeanie.


  1. I do know that tree...and I might have to trade belaying for bouldering too.

    You know, I just love it that there is that enclosed area at Horsethief, like a hidden interior -- and (if I am remembering correctly) that it has a sandy bottom.


  2. Sandy bottom, hot rocks....and a tree to hang onto