Sunday, January 18, 2009


“Come here,” she ordered. “Put your hands on your head.”
I complied.
“Now, girls…this is our slave,” she explained to the other three. “He will get you something to drink, or eat, any time you want. He will rub your shoulders. He will kiss you. He will go down on you. All you have to do is ask.”
“Right, slave?” she said, as she slapped my bare ass.
“Yes, master,” I replied, dutifully, but with a smirk on my face.
“You think this is funny?” she barked.
“No, master,” I replied, trying hard not to smirk.
“Girls, take your turn! He needs to be spanked,” she ordered.
She gazed at me. “Give them your ass,” she commanded. “And keep those hands on your head.”
The women were arranged around a table. They were there to play poker. I was there to keep them happy. I was wearing only a small apron that covered my front, but left my rear open. I walked up to Judy, who was giggling, nervously.
“Turn around,” she said, rather timidly.
When I did, she slapped my right cheek. She would have stopped with that little tap, but Liza ordered her to lay into me.
“Harder!” she urged Judy.
Judy obeyed, whapping my ass with a good swat that stung, but felt so good.
“Harder!” Liza said. “Make him know it! He thinks this is funny! Show him you mean it!”
Judy let one rip on my ass that, clearly, left a good mark. She gripped her hand and giggled. “Ouch, that hurt!” she said.
Next was Karla. She laid into me. Both cheeks were stinging by the time she was done. Amy was next. She was just as brutal. By the time I made it around the table, by ass was radiating enough heat to warm the room. I stood before Liza.
“I’m out of wine,” she observed. Go get us some more. “Drink up, girls!”
I walked into the kitchen while Liza dealt the cards. I returned in time to hear her lay out the rules:
“We’re playing blackjack, girls. Strip poker. The winner gets to call all the shots. ‘Mister Bare-butt,’ here is just part of the prize. If you lose, you have to masturbate for us. You can use ANYTHING you want. Any questions?”
Karla piped up, “Even him?”
Liza: “Of course.”
I had poured each woman some more wine, while Liza was talking. “Come here,” she ordered.
I stood at her side. She ordered me to put my hands on my head, again. “Keep them there,” she directed. I put my hands on the top of my head. She slid my apron around, so that that fabric covered my ass and my genitals were exposed. She bent down and sucked on me, in front of her guests. As they watched, my cock grew to its full stature. Liza held my balls in her hand and licked the head of my cock. When I was good and hard, she passed me on.
“Your turn,” she said to Judy.
Judy was fun. She gripped the base of my cock and clutched it, tightly, while she popped the head in and out, smacking and slurping, until Liza said, “Next.”
I moved to Karla. Karla took me all the way. I thought my legs would buckle and I would fall to the floor. She held me, deep in her throat, and swallowed. The gripping motion of her throat made me feel like I was being milked. The other girls clapped and cheered her on. She was a star! This could not last long, and Liza knew it. She ordered me to move on to Amy.
Amy looked at me. She smiled. She started jacking me off, holding my cock just shy of her beautiful, fruity, lips. She looked into my eyes, stabbed the tip of her tongue into the tiny hole of my rod and jerked my meat as if she wanted it all. I started breathing hard. This was just NOT going to last long. Liza ordered it to stop.
“Ok, slave, go stand over there and keep it hard. We’re gonna play some poker.”


  1. Great story! I absolutely LOVE slave stories. I want to give that slave a good slap, yes I do! A slave in an apron. Whew.

  2. Come on slave, give us more or else!