Monday, January 19, 2009

Poker 2

Liza dealt the first hand. The women were, by rules, barefooted. Only four articles of clothing were allowed to remain. I stood in the corner of the room, stroking my cock, trying to keep it rigid. When the cards were all dealt, Liza brought out four “pocket rocket” vibrators and set them in front of Judy, Karla and Amy.
“Use them, if you want,” she said, with a grin.
Karla picked up the tiny vibrator, licked it, and looked at me. That was a good sign! My blood rushed. Judy and Amy looked at their cards, then at me, then back to their cards. Needless to say, no one’s attention was really on the card game. But, Liza was the master.
Judy, just to Liza’s left, looked at her cards. “Hit me,” she said, with a serious look. Liza flipped a card in her direction. She picked it up and slid it into her hand.
Karla passed. I stroked….slow, quick, jerks. My left hand pulled on my balls, while my right teased the head of my cock. I tried to keep the tension, but (with attention diverted elsewhere) I started to lose it. Amy took a hit and scooped up the card, with a serious look on her face. I stood there, in the corner of the room, a fixture, a lamp, a wilting flower. Finally, Liza looked up. She noticed my flagging member and stopped what she was doing.
“Come here, slave,” she ordered. “Didn’t I tell you to keep that thing hard?” she barked.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Yes, what?” she shot back.
“Yes, master,” I said.
“Let’s see what we can do,” she said. She took me in her mouth, again, and ran her lips the full length of my shaft. Blood engorged it, again, and it soon stood tall and wet. Just when I thought I was in heaven, Liza lifted her lips off my cock and slapped it with her hand. The head of my cock slapped against my belly with a resounding “whack.” It stung and jolted my body. I cried out in pain. But…it felt so good.
“Judy, slap his cock!” Liza ordered. “He loves it.”
I walked over to Judy. She gripped my balls and held my cock high, and slapped the end of it twice. Fuck! That hurt! My member was in pain, but so hard. Karla was next. She shoved my cock deep into her throat again, removed it, and slapped it so hard I thought the head would fly off. Shit! Fuck! Damn! I was in pain. Amy slapped it side to side to side. My cock was flying back and forth, engorged and in pain. I stood before her, gasping.
“Go over there, and keep it hard,” Liza ordered, again.
Sheepishly, I stood in the corner, stroking my throbbing pole, feeling the ache.
Karla lost the first hand and had to take something off. She opted for her pants. That left her with some very nice panties into which she could slip the vibrator. I liked this girl. We kept looking at each other, as the next hand was dealt.


  1. I forget - how many hands in poker? Um, can you tell I'm not a card player? But this story might pique my interest.

  2. It all depends on what you've been dealt... In this case, there are going to be about 15 "hands" of cards, ten hands, five sets of lips and four wet pussies...