Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poker 8

It turns out that, after all of that frenzy of flying clothing, I was the only one who still had something on. Liza ordered me to lie down on my back, in the middle of the floor. Good slave that I am, I did as told. Liza climbed onto my chest, pinning me. I could feel her hands untying the strings to my apron. Then, I felt a warm and very wet pussy settling down onto my left leg, followed by similar feelings onto my right leg. The women had me in place and utterly immobile. Karla straddled my face, with her front to Liza, her breasts brushing against Liza’s back as she lowered her ass onto my mouth.
One after another, the women sucked my cock. Two or three deep swallows, rim the head, stop, trade, swallow, rim, lick, stop, switch. I was delirious, licking Karla’s asshole and pussy, smelling her sex, gulping in her liquor. The unseen hands stroked and tickled the tender skin of my balls, coaxing, teasing, bringing me almost to the edge. My cock seemed as tall and solid as the Washington Monument. But, it was almost numb. The nerves had been worn to the edge, and all I could feel was an enormous tension inside of me. It burned and ached. Sensing my impending explosion, Liza gave orders.
“Grab his balls,” she told someone. “Put your hands like this,” she told someone else. “Hold him down. Make it straight.”
I couldn’t move a muscle. Hands pushed down around the base of my cock and it stood straight up into the air. Hands circled my aching nuts and pulled tight. Liza rose up enough to wet her hands with the steady stream of her slickness that coated my chest, then settled back and took hold of my helpless prick. She announced, “Watch this.”
Liza pumped my cock like she was angry. She wailed on it, showing no restraint. She beat it, furiously, from tip to bottom, her grip tight as a vise. The universe was born in an instant. All of the energy of creation spewed through the tiny hole at the end of my cock and expanded, at light speed, to the edges of eternity. Cum flew into the air like a geyser. It coated Liza’s hands, ran down between my spread legs, dribbled in rivulets down the sides of my wrenching belly. I screamed into Karla’s pussy, my tongue stabbing like a murderer into her pouring hole.
The girls squealed and laughed and muttered in admiration at what they had done to me. The card game was over, I was a free man, flying into eternity, a lump of sex.

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  1. Woo-hoo! Thanks BAK! "a free man, flying into eternity, a lump of sex." Love that! Love it!