Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poker 3

Somewhat surprisingly, Liza lost the next hand. At that point, the girls were getting playful, testing their toys and laughing.
“Oh slave…” Liza said, with a grin. “I think we need some more wine. But, come here, first.”
Obediently, I approached her, half expecting another good slap. Instead, she peeled off her damp thong bottoms and looped one leg opening over my head so I could wear her essence around my neck. The aroma, so subtle, so sweet, so pungent, so intoxicating, swirled around me. She gave me a deep kiss and squeezed my balls.
As Liza dealt the next hand, I poured the wine. Instead of punishing me, the women started touching me. Their hands explored my body, roaming across my stomach, chest, ass, cock, legs. They touched me tenderly, and they invited my touch. Amy guided my free hand to her breasts. They were tight and firm as small balloons. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her silk blouse. Karla, not surprisingly, took off her panties and hung them around my neck. As she had already been eyeing my cock and experimenting with her vibrator, the crotch of her knickers was quite wet and added much to the drunken scent that rose up from around my neck. She grabbed my hand and led it to her pussy, so I could feel how slippery she was.
As I worked my way around the table, I made certain to brush my crimson boner against the bodies of my customers. One by one, they lost articles of clothing. Pants, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, bras littered the floor. I shuffled about, burying my cock in Amy’s hair, touching Liza’s neck my lips, licking Judy’s nipples. It was easier to stay nice and rigid as the game went on.
Amy was the first to lose it all. She feigned disappointment, as she peeled off her sheer bottoms and placed them around my neck.
“Show us all how you cum,” ordered Liza.