Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Staked Out Again

On the fourth day of our Burning Man adventure, we decided to try something even more fun. At least it sure was going to be a lot more fun for Tawnie. After breakfast, we had some fun on the floor of our desert shelter, oblivious to those around us. Tawnie was pretty excited, thinking about her next public display. She came pretty hard, which caused somewhat of a ripple effect in the campers around us. Pretty soon, cries of orgasm could be heard all around us. We sprawled out in the desert warmth and listened, giggling.
As usual, the day was hot until about 2:30, when another ripping sandstorm pelted the camp. We hunkered in our shelter, getting high and playing with each other, and making a new sign. At about 4:00, the wind died out and the dry warmth of the desert settled in. Tawnie and I walked out to where the four posts were. Tawnie was pretty nervous, but we agreed that I would be with her the whole time. As she stood there in the middle of our little stage, I tied ropes around her wrists and ankles. When I had them nice and tight I had Tawnie kneel on the ground, onto a blanket I had spread out below her. I twisted four large metal screws into the hard earth and then tied Tawnie’s wrists and ankles to them. There she was, pinned down, on hands and knees. With her like that, I walked back to our tent and picked up the sign we’d made and a bowl full of condoms and, of course, the blindfold. By the time I returned, a small group of people had already started to show some interest in what was going on. Apparently, word about Tawnie’s last show had gotten out.
I walked up behind my lover and pulled the blindfold down over her eyes. Then, I poured oil over her naked body and rubbed it all over, paying particular attention to her hanging breasts, her cute ass and her hot pussy. After she was nice and hot and oiled, I set up the sign. “FREE FUCK,” it advertised. I waited to see if we would get any takers.
It actually did not take long for a couple of guys in their mid-twenties to take Tawnie up on the invitation. They were a little drunk, but not too much, and they were clearly interested in what was set before them. They egged each other on, and they were cheered on a bit by the gathering onlookers. One of them stepped up to me and asked me if the invitation was real. I smiled and handed him a condom. “She’s all yours,” I assured him. He took it from me and kneeled down in front of Tawnie. He ran his hands over her back and dangled his cock in front of her mouth. When the head of his cock touched her lips, she sucked it in and started running her tongue around the head. It wasn’t long before his dick was nice and hard. He pulled away and took out the condom and positioned himself behind Tawnie. He placed the head of his nice hard cock against the opening of her pussy, grabbed her hips and drove in deep. Tawnie gasped and then shoved back against him, grinding into him. He stroked long and hard into her, while his buddy positioned himself in front, offering his cock to Tawnie’s open mouth.
Tawnie had an orgasm right then and there, yelling around the head of the cock in her mouth. The guy in back of her sped up. He was nearing climax. I could tell by the intensity in his face and the flex of the muscles in his ass. Someone in the audience shouted “money shot, money shot, money shot.” The chant was taken up my the group. Men and women both wanted to watch the guy unload. Finally, he couldn’t take it any more and he pulled out, ripped the condom off and sprayed cum all over Tawnie’s ass and back. It dripped down her sides and down the crack of her butt. The young stud moved away so that his buddy could have his turn.
I had already handed the second guy his condom. He was anxious to have his turn. As soon as his friend had moved away, he was in place and started driving furiously into Tawnie’s sopping pussy. He fucked her hard and she was cumming again just as her next customer kneeled in front of her face and offered his cock to her. It went on like this for hours. Tawnie was fucked by about twenty guys. She sucked almost as many cocks. Sometimes she was offered a naked pussy to lick, while she was being fucked silly by some girl’s boyfriend. She was worn out by the end of the day, but had one more, unused opening to offer me at the end of the afternoon. I took advantage of her that way, fucking her ass in front of the crowd and making her scream one last time….

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