Sunday, January 4, 2009

That Afternoon

After our stroll out to see the Man, Liza and I returned to our camp. The sun was high and the wind was like the hot breath of a dragon. It was a bit too hot for sex, at least the ball-slappin’ kind. Instead, it was a good time to break open an icy beer in the shade our tent, smoke a joint, and lounge around. That, of course, could always lead to something else and, predictably, it did.
After Liza and I had stripped down and taken a couple of hits, we brought out the Scrabble board and tried keep focused as the buzz kept building. Sometime in the middle of the longest game of Scrabble in the history of the game, I got up to walk out to the truck. I noticed that the girl who had watched me and Liza, the day before, was back with a couple of friends. She was wearing a g-string that was nothing more than a cord that ran down the middle of her pussy, covering absolutely nothing but her clit. While the concept of wearing anything, at all, eluded me, I thought about how nice it would be to be that cord. Her friends were a couple of very fit-looking guys, who wore even less. They approached me. Andrea (that was her name) asked, in a somewhat shy manner, if she and her entourage could play on our gym. I was quite happy she asked, of course, and invited her (and her slaves) into our tent, first, for some introductions and libations.
Liza was a bit surprised to see three new people walk into the tent. She took one look at the bodies, however, and had absolutely no objection. In rather hurried manner, she started to put the Scrabble game away. Andrea stopped her, however.
“Wait,” she said. “I wanna play! I love Scrabble! Let’s play teams; the winners get to tell the losers what to do. By the way, I‘m Andrea and this is Greg, and this is Shawn.”
Damn! I very much liked the sound of this challenge, and so did Andrea’s cohorts. So did Liza. She stopped, giggled, and dumped the letters back out. “Let’s make this even more interesting,” she said, with a sly grin. She looked up at Shawn. “It’s you and me, against Andrea and Brad.”
Well, that got the juices flowing! Poor Greg had to sit and watch the game, but I’m sure he didn’t mind too much. The odds that he might be involved in the outcome of the game were pretty good. The game was fun. The obvious sexually-charged words came out on the board, and we tried to outdo each other with our ingenuity. A few more hits, and a beer later, and we were nearing the completion of the match. The score was tight, kind of like the skin on my cock. I couldn’t help fading in and out of an erection, as the upcoming end of the game loomed. With a couple of turns left, Andrea and I had the upper hand on the score, and it was apparent that we were going to win. Liza was quite excited about that prospect and just wanted the game to end. The last points came when I added an “s” to “cock.” That was a good 13 points. Andrea and I were victorious. Andrea looked at the last word and said, “Just what I was thinking. I see three of them, here, and Liza looks lonely.”
Liza looked at me and smiled. She got up and walked out of the tent, toward our sex sculpture. Damn! Watching that delectable ass and her bare feet just had me going! I was very jazzed, to say the least. Our new friends followed Liza; the guys were clearly excited, as in noticeably excited.
I caught up with Liza as she was climbing onto the stage. “Wait,” I said. “Don’t climb into the chair. We have other things in mind.”
I bolted one of the horizontal beams in place, in front of the chair. I then tied Liza’s ankles in place, spread-eagle, and had Shawn climb into place in the chair. Andrea strapped his legs into place, and tied his arms behind his head. When he was firmly in place, I bent Liza over the beam and tied her arms to her ankles. Shawn’s cock waved in front of her face and her rear was open for exploration. She didn’t need much encouragement. She immediately sucked Shawn’s cock head between her lips and took as much of him in as she could. Andrea positioned herself between Liza’s legs and licked her ass and pussy with great enthusiasm. Greg and I stood and watched, our members swollen in the heated air of the desert. We knew we’d all get a turn with Liza.

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