Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poker 7

So much for the poker game! Amy spun around, cum dripping from her happy face, and met Karla's voracious kisses. Judy slumped into a nearby couch and looked at me with eyes like emeralds. She held the lips of her pussy wide and told me to feast on her. Apparently, I was still a slave. As Liza inched her sticky body out of her perfunctory clothing, I knelt obediently before Judy's altar. So smooth, so wet, so rosey, so intoxicating was that little playground between her legs!
The room was filled with the music of sex, all of those thick liquid airy smacking slapping giggling oily lines of bodily interaction that combine and flow together in symphonic bliss. I was too intent on Judy's body to notice the stream of orgasmic energy in which we all swam. Judy was delightfully multi-orgasmic and once the waves started lapping against the shores of her bowl, they filled her over and over, spreading in all directions until, arms and legs flailing insanely, she nearly passed out.


  1. "little playground between her legs" -- like the water slide and the tire swing and the teeter totter?

  2. Anything that slides, swings and totters fits....