Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poker 6

After I whispered my choice in Amy’s ear, she gave me a squeeze then turned toward the table. Just watching that delicious ass caused my earth to move. By this time, we were about 90 minutes into the party. My cock wasn’t hard, anymore, which was a good thing. I would have been in great pain if some of that pumped-in hydraulic fluid hadn’t released some tension. But, the third leg was certainly primed. It hung there, semi-turgid, full of blood, waiting, waiting, waiting….
Amy danced slowly around the table, touching Judy and Karla and Liza, keeping them guessing. While she touched them, she rubbed herself. The tension in the room was thick as my cock. Finally, she knelt in front of Liza (who only had an ass-high skirt on) and lifted her legs up over her shoulders. Liza looked at me and smiled, then reclined and closed her eyes. Judy and Karla, each down to panties, were visibly disappointed, but that didn’t last long.
Liza opened her eyes, as Amy started to lick her, stem-to-stern, and crooked her finger at me, beckoning me to her side. Dutifully, I approached and was met with a hungry mouth that took my semi-rigid meat all the way down to the root. The card game was over at that point. Judy and Karla lost the remaining laundry and joined in. Karla started in on Amy’s wagging bottom, and Judy focused her attention on Liza’s little birds, making them spread their wings and fly into her lips.
The sounds of quick breaths, slurping tongues, soft moans, filled the room. The sun came in through the picture windows and poured like maple syrup over our naked bodies. Amy knew what she was doing, and soon Liza was arching her hips to meet the onslaught of the tender tongue that played around her asshole and clit. Her legs were splayed wide. I held one ankle in my hand, Judy held the other. It wasn’t long before Liza started humming around the head of my cock. She held me deep, saliva leaking out around the edges of her mouth and running down her chin. She started bucking, the muscles of her stomach tightening, tightening, tightening to the point of snapping. She almost gagged as she came, pulling me deep to stifle her cries. I looked at Amy. She was smiling, her face soaked.